Billy Rose – a product designer who specializes in 0-1 product strategy + interactive design.

Highlights: Launched a zero-to-one fintech app, created a robust component library, and defined design strategy and branding for a fintech company.

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“Billy's talent and versatility are unmatched. At Quin, and then later Quil, he handled everything from app design and UX to marketing, branding, animations, illustrations, print, and merchandise. Billy had a magic touch for all things visual, and I was constantly amazed by his ability to be a one-stop shop for all our design needs. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

— Oscar Godson, CTO & Creative Director

“Billy is one of the most talented designers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He has a deep empathy for the user and a knack of combining usability, functionality, and sleek design that converts. When I was a new hire as an executive learning the product, he created documentation & how-to videos that made our complicated product & design systems easy to understand.”

— Elise Kennedy, Chief of Staff